Angelina Kerner

Evgeniya gromilina - Illustrator


I was born in Siberia.  Through the support of family and friends, I was able to reach new heights in different art styles and mediums (pencil; pen; oil and acrylic painting; painting on glass, walls; cell phone art app; and computer graphics).

The environment of California has inspired me as an artist.  California has a very unusual nature: flowers all year round, very warm sun, and a massive and never ending ocean.  My favorite place is Asilomar, California.


 I enjoy painting scenery around me.  I can sit for hours outside, no matter the weather - rain or snow, I will be outside painting.  I have a dream to improve my skills in English and polygraphy design.

 My art at: Evgeniya Gromilina at Unleashed Art Gallery and of course in Deity's Soulmate. 


 I live in the United Kingdom where I was born and raised. I came across an online writing website a few years ago, not knowing that I would still be engrossed within my writing and having my name with ‘editor’ next to it.


I love writing in Collaborations, wanting to bring different characters to life, writing in different styles, working with others to create great story lines and I have been known to keep a few hidden cards up my sleeve.


A story that keeps twisting, secrets spilled, surprises and shocks will keep the reader grasping at the pages (or in my case my Kobo E-reader case). My solos are still unfinished and I hope to finish one someday.


Deity’s Soulmate was my first novel to edit and I enjoyed editing so much that I want to learn more about the subject.  

Al Megas-Editor



For some, fantasy and fiction are places to escape to. For me, they’re more like home. 

I used to have more of a selfish attitude about collaborative writing.  My expansive ideas will require considerable review and consultation. But I didn’t want to devote time to giving other authors the support and assistance that every creative soul needs.  

More recently, I’ve realized that it has got to be a game of give-and-take. What would-be authors (like me), authors who’ve already published (like Angelina), and my fellow members of her review team (duly credited alongside me) is that we all need one another.  I only hope that my attention to her manuscripts have been of help.  


I enjoyed the experience and would like to do more for Angelina and for other authors looking to get their work out there.  I humbly offer my services as a Freelance Fiction Editor. You can contact Al at

Carol Thompson- Proofreader

Carol Thompson has been writing, editing, and proofreading for 28 years. She has been an editor for both medium and large publishing houses, as well as a freelance writer and editor for most of her life. Her editing and proofreading experience includes all genres and she follows the most recent publishing industry standards guidelines from The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition and Strunk and White 4th Edition. 

Also a news reporter, Carol has won over three dozen writing awards and is the 2006 recipient of the Syracuse, NY Press Clubs prestigious Selwin Kershaw Professional Standards award. Although now semi-retired, she is still helping authors by providing her services at dramatically discounted rates for Readers' Favorite.

With Carol's generous help, Readers' Favorite can now offer the same quality proofread or edit you would receive at a big publisher like Random House at prices that will fit the budget of most authors. 
----------------- The blurb about Carol has been taken from Reader's Favorite Proofreading 

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